Tuesday, 23 April 2013

vString 3.0 Released (updated)

*** Update...***

As always things this complicated never go smooth first try, and after the primary release, a few rather bizarre issues turned up in the scripting that were rather unexpected and out of the blue.
I would go geek on this, but I wont - needless to say it they needed fixing, and they have been fixed.
If you got the version 3.0 Release, I would recommend you update them to the latest Version 3.01 release.


*** Update 2... ***
Okay, it has been a week of unexpected bugs and feedback from customers.
There has been some bug fixing going on with specific models.
Xilu and X-Fet are pretty stable and havent been updated since the last note.
XL and XXL did get an update midweek to fix some unexpected issues and are now on 3.02
X_X has now not only had bug fixes, but the Evo models have come in for some more heavy upgrades including a new bra layer and more - current version which has just been released is 3.03.

Could Developers please note - we did find a few utterly strange issues in the basic clothing applier, and as the Evo has now had its bra layer added, we had to add  the applier in for that. This new Dev kit is the current model so please update any of the models when you are ready as the Dev pack is in all model boxes.

At this time, I believe we now have the Version 3 release stable and fingers crossed this will be the last update

The title is rather a classic understatement, but needless to say the new vStrings are something else.

I think rather than rattle on though... I will give you the in store information on vString 3...