Friday, 16 August 2013

VSXM Phase 2 Release (with added surprises)

It nearly been three weeks now since VSXM arrived on the grid, and even I have to say outside of a few unexpected and strange minor bugs, M really has lived up to all expectactions.

The Phase 1 release, as I said before was designed to bring the VSX Studio fully up to date offering a massively upgraded experience for all the original products, plus a few new ones to keep people happy.

With 14 M Series products in store, we went beyond the brief of the original VSX, but as I did hint to at the time, this was just the beginning of VSXM... and more products were penciled in for launch.

Since I opened VSX back in 2009, the greatest frustration I have had was the fact I had great ideas but my hands were tied behind my back. The constraints of scripting, and of sculpted prims meant that I could never realise many of the creative visions I had. In order to do them, I would need more sculpts, and adding more sculpts would have increased the scripting costs to silly proportions, slowed the products down and generally made a mess of things.
VSXM has solved all of these issues though, and the numerous ideas, and even in world products I had already sitting there, could now become a reality.

Phase 2 of VSXM is now, partly, in store. And this time I have flexed my creative muscles somewhat with some gorgeous and quite different variations on a theme. However, I have decided to stagger the phase 2 build in order to get the products in store faster so this phase is not yet over.
In store you will find 11 of the planned 16 products.

So, lets get down to business...

This first one will come as a surprise really as its something I have resisted doing for a long time.
Yes, its a free cock. And what a freebie it is. All mesh construction, 3 basic textures styles, 2 states.
Better still, sim owners will love you for it. It has just 2 scripts and a total memory use of 29KB.
Its very basic, but is rather cool too. If you want to grab a copy, its on the upper level window area in the VSX Store.

Now thats out of the way.... lets take a look at the rest of this... I wont annote but let the images do the work for me...

These are all in the VSX Store now, and they will shortly be hitting the market place as well.

It is worth mentioning again this is only a part release of Phase 2 - there are another 5 products due to be released, and rather than doing them in bulk like I have so far, I will be releasing them as and when they are ready.
So... by the end of Phase 2, VSXM will have 30 products in store.....
*whistles quietly*... then I have to move on to the final part... Phase 3