Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Fusion Ultima - Datass Torso Released

There are some things that take quite a lot of work to get right, and this is one I have been working on for a long time.
The idea of a slim, bimbo style lower body has been something that has eluded me. I have got close, but never any cookies. I started designing Datass a long time ago. I have been coming back to it, redesigning it, trying to get that perfect blend of what seems to be the impossible.
Slim, with slim hip and yet curvey and beautifully proportioned. Sounds not that hard, but trust me, it is. usually what happens is they come out looking too large or bbw style, or even muscle body style.
Datass has been something of a labour of love for me, and I hope you like it.
Give me some feedback if you want to see this as a full Fusion Ultima Body.
Its 500L$ and its in store now.

Addendum. I will be going through the pick n mix legs tomorrow for Datass, so it can also be used with any of the Furry or Tartarus demon items. Expect and update on this tomrrow.