Saturday, 14 September 2013

VSXM - Slitter Special Edition Series Cocks

Phase 3 development of VSX has been ongoing for a while now and a product line I have been wanting to build for some time now has finally found its way in store. The slightly disturbing "Slitter Series".

The pictures will tell the story here as I have had customers asking me for these, but needless to say I have kind of broken the rule book with these, as between the various states they have 49 or more States.

Pushing the VSX Series to this limit did requires some rethinking compared to the more main stream VSX Essentials lines, so sadly a number of features ended up culled from the Slitter including the Head Piercing, the Clipped State and the Cum Layer.

However, take a look... they are in store now for those who like their darkness.

On a final kind of p.s. the slitters although a sub project are part of Phase III VSXM which is focusing on the less conventional elements so expect some more darkness to appear over the coming few weeks.