Sunday, 15 September 2013

VSXM - Demon Cocktail in store

This is pretty much what it says on the box - the VSMX Cocktail is now available.

It comes with all sorts of neat little features, although it does loose a bit due to the design - it doesnt have a cum layer, condom, clipped layer and a few other bits, but what you do get is a very unusual ... well, tail.

Here is the marketing!

There is however a back story to this product as it isnt actually a new one.
Back in 2010, the first version of the Demon Cocktail was actually built up on my workbench in sculpted format.
It was nearly ready for release when LL's started tightening up their scripting limits on SL.
Right there lay the problem. In the sculpted format it was almost 140 prims, and when you translated that to scripts it was far too heavy.
So... it sat in inventory, gathering dust.
Thanks to mesh and the M Series design techniques though, the dust was blown off, and it was reworked in efficient mesh designs. The Tail bones are 1 piece constructions so only adding three objects (as opposed to 50 or more).
Humm... guess the story wasnt that long really...