Thursday, 3 October 2013

VSXM – 9 New M Series Products in Store now

As a designer, its easy to get burnt out, and even harder to knuckle down and keep at something until its done, especially when the world of full of new ideas and distractions.
However after working on VSXM now for what seems to be an eternity, going through each and every idea, looking at the designs, sketching, working, and coming up with new innovations, I am pleased to say the last part of the third phase is now completed.

To say that I have left the best until last may not be totally accurate, but to say these are probably some of the most innovative and complex M series products would certainly be true.

First on my List is a product missing from the M Series – the Anus.

This is a very basic, if highly refined item, designed purely for Aesthetical purposes. It has 4 basic states, and one does push my boundaries a little with a Prolapse rosebud.
Functionality wise though, outside of that it doesn’t do much and please don’t ask for me to do more as I wont.

Second on the list is one that I keep getting nagged for a lot – the Double Futa.
I think the picture says it all

Third on the list is another “wishlist” product and slight unusual for VSX – a Sissy cock.

Now... we get in to the more creative sides here with 3 double product batches.

One thing over the years thats cropped up again and again is the overwhelming requests for a Cyber line in VSX. As I have said, this is no easy task. Creating something artificial in nature that doesn’t look like robodick is a trick few can pull off. In fact, although I am not fully up to date on whats out there, I have never seen a decent one.
The Biomech Cock and Pussy, are a highly innovative cross over style with my Violet Cybernetics store, with beautiful and unique twin texture packs giving high quality cyber textures, the products really look the part and are extremely organic, while being artificial in nature.

The Doll Scene in SL is obviously large, however one thing I have noticed again and again, is the fact that when it comes to Doll adult products, there isn’t really that much innovation out there.
Strap on and prim jobs seem to be the order of the day although I had addressed this somewhat with the LTX Texture packs in VSX.
When I sat down to look at this in more detail, I found myself with a huge list of innovations and ideas popping up.
The Dildomorph cock is a living rubber dildo with full range of VSXM motion, and is a multi state design, meaning you get a staggering 48 states to play with. On the flip side, the Doll Pussy is a quite simple and yet innovative product that is also multi state, so has 14 different arousal states.
Adding to that is a whole new Soft Rubber texture pack with 9 different colours on offer.

Rounding out was a product pair that I have struggled with some what. In fact its been a slow process of evolution over nearly year to get these products looking and feeling right.
Its very easy to work within the realms of reality, however when you don’t know something, its harder, and you cant get much further away from reality than the realms of Aliens.
The Xeno Cock and pussy are both family and very strange. I was constrained by the fact that these have to have a practical application but all the feedback I have had so far has been encouraging.

And that, as they say, is that.
VSXM has been a very long journey, and its been a pleasure to let my creative juices loose in such torrents, but my project list is now completed.
With a staggering 39 M Series products now in store, its not a stretch of the imagination to say that VSX is Second Life’s largest Adult anatomy manufacturer.
However, being the biggest isn’t everything. Its about how complete the products are, and I have to say I am seriously proud of this product line – with fantastic functionality, excellent detailed design, massively comprehensive texture packs, huge configuration capability, and a script foot print that’s positively tiny, VSXM has really set out to be everything that it can be.

I will say, I do have some more ideas in the wings but its fair to say, we are probably going to one or two products a month now at max.

All the new stuffs in store, and all I can say is, enjoy.