Sunday, 23 March 2014

VSXM - 2014 Texture Pack Update - Nearly 60 new Quality textures

As you may have seen Violet Studios has been undergoing some pretty big changes on our skins with the launch of the ADV skin system.
However with new or updates skins comes the need to fill in gaps in the ranges, and clean things up which is where this new texture pack update comes in.

Firstly though, several months ago I started testing and working on a new Advanced series of realistic style skin textures for VSXM. Partly a challenge, partly the need for better design work.
This resulted in a whole new generation of textures that were painstakingly assembled and tested over a few months.
For the first time, even though it has always been a separately configurable item, this ADV pack has separate textures for the testicles.
So, just as our skins got more ADVanced, so did the VSX texture design style.

This update is broken down in to two areas - Human textures and Demon textures.

On the Human side, you are presented with the Ava, Gia, Ori and Dyta ADV textures.
There previously were texture packs for Ava and Gia, however Ori was the orphan of the group never getting a full texture pack, and as Dyta is all new, it is logical it gets the textures too.

In the Demon department, the ADV project created a whole new generation of colour tones as it was developed and released.
Elyssian ADV has jumped from 12 to 22 Colour tones, while Abyss went from 10 to 15.
Both have been reworked, improved and updated with rich and detailed texture designs, with all new bi-tone colouring systems that may not be 100% evidient on first glance, but add great depth.

These texture while designed for Violet Studios skins can be used on male and female skin from other makers too - its a matter of experimenting to see what suits what.

As always, even if I did debate making this a paid for update, these have been released as a Free update to VSXM (yes, it is a VSXM update only - not VSX).
All you need to do is look in the sales folder, find the updater and wear it and you will be sent the 1.1 release for free.
As the Designer HUD's are stand alone items, you dont have to change your primary products or how you have them set up to make this a painless update. Simply wear the new texture hud and off you go.


(I may put some pictures up later on...)