Thursday, 1 May 2014

vString Revolution V4 & Petites and Salines

I am very proud to announce the arrival of the very first Version 4 vStrings and jumping to the top of the list was the Revolutions.
Although these were Revolutionary, they did have some minor error, quirks and the odd bug on the original 3.5's.
For Version 4, we have cleaned up and tightened all the Top layer, Introduced our Second Generation Smart Nipples system (coming for the Essentials later this month too), created a whole new generation of higher quality detailed nipples textures on the designer hud system and you now have 5 piercings to choose from.
Of course, this isnt the whole story - the original Naturals and Silicones have on a case by case basis, been tweeked, adjusted, reworked, cleaned and there has been several script functionality improvements such as the Bra Overrider now working with pasties and a new UV Top to Bra Function so you can on the fly choose if you want to fit a UV Top to the bra layer instead.

However there is more in the form of two entirely new sets of Revolutions.
The Petites are small... in fact very small implants designed for those customers wanting that different look without having to put up with the SL avatars poor choices.

You get three choices - the Melons (shown above), the Cutes (a smaller very natural set) and the Puffy's with larger puffy upturned nipples.

Sitting inbetween the Naturals and the Silicones is the new Salines.
Designed for a more realistic size of implant these feature some interesting twists on similar ideas. You get the Gravity - a larger slightly hanging breast, The Uplifts (shown below) - a popular choice from the Essentials and the Squish - a rather full but not massively full rounder implant model.

The New Revolution models are now available in store.
If you already own the Naturals or the Silicones, simply wear the updater in the breast folders, and you will be sent the new models.


Hemi and Juggz