Friday, 5 September 2014

vString Revolution Helium Release & 4.2 Update to all models

This is now the third major update to the Revolutions showing our continued commitment to bringing you the very best implants on the market.
Firstly, I need to introduced the Revolution Heliums.

These are massively oversized implants with three different versions for you to play with and come with all the features you know and love, plus all the new features of the new 4.2 Update.

Talking on the 4.2 Update.
This new release is all about the refinement of the Revolutions.

Skin & Bra: One issue that has always been a serious issue for me as a design was how texture mapping behaved especially when it came to the Evo / Revo Chest plate design. Since V4.0 was released, thanks to other projects my designing method and knowledge has been refined. For V4.2, you will find the skin has come in for massive refinement with smooth, flowing and pin point texture seating, not to mention the fact the biggest headache - the nipple area, is not pinpoint accurate
and smooth. In addition, we have now moved the classic “stand off” bra with a skin tight version that seats perfectly to the breasts.
Nipples: On V4, we introduced our second generation smart nipples and texturing to refine our the Revolutions. However, customers still wanted more control. On previous  versions the skins nipple texturing issues meant it was best to “hide” the original skin nipple area, however with the skin refinement work, thats no longer needed.
For V4.2 there are now two new nipple options - The original vString “nub” design, and the option to completely hide the prim nipple and piercing work!
Extra Control: On 4.2 the tops menu has been expanded. You will now find the Bra Overrider is relocated from Extras to Tops. You will also find the Tattoo Layer / Bra Layer button  which allows you to run the bra either as a permanent Tattoo layer (never turns off).

So, that the main vString Revolution update – but there is more.
The Shock of this model is a new box inside the sales folder named Revolution Fusions. Inside this box, you will find your Revolutions breast choices, but oddly as a whole chest and neck.

These are designed as interchangeable modules for Violet Studios new Mesh Body system - Fusion.

If you choose to buy a Fusion Body, all you need to do is wear the relevant Chest and nipple modules and the body is now wearing seamless and windlight independent Revolutions!
See the Polymorph Studio for more details on Fusion & how it works.

Just wear your updater to get the latest versions.