Monday, 1 June 2015

vString Essentials Version 4.5 Update (X_X, XL and XXL)

Two years ago, I was very proud to release our Version 3 vString X_X, XL and XXL models.
It is fair to say these models rewrote the rule book at the time over Implant design in Second Life.

Since then we have been looking at the products, listening to customers and slowly but surely working towards the release of our Version 4 models, and that day, is today.

The specifications list for this revision is huge really, but they are simply hundreds of small improvements that come together to make a massive differences.
Highlights include: XL & XXL ground up redevelopment (total rebuild and refinement from scratch), Improved Smart Nipples and options, Advanced Piercing system (with 44 options), Dynamic Milk system (self scaling milk particle sizes depending on breast size) and texture, colour and glow control for milk, Improved scripting system, MCI applier compatibility, Evo Classic breasts (original vString design (not evo) with Evo texture mapping), Reduced mesh costs, SL Materials (Specular and Normals Mapping) Appliers and compatibility, Lite or Full models (cutting out heavier mesh items on the lite for a more streamline experience) and... well, the list goes on.

As always - you bought them, you get the updates for free - simply wear your updater, or pop in store and grab the updates from our redelivery terminal.