Tuesday, 2 June 2015

vString Special Edition - X-Loon Balloon Girl Breasts Available

Introducing the vString X-Loon Breasts

4 years ago, I came up with one of my usual mad ideas for a Balloon Girl avatar and it didn’t take long before I had a clear vision of what I wanted.
As usual though, my ideas and what was technically feasible on SL didn’t gel, and the project languished in my inventory, every six months or so coming out, being worked on and then being put back to gathering dust.

Hopefully within the next week, the fully evolved form of the Balloon Girl will be available, in the form of the Special edition Fusion Balloon Girl, however before that happens, comes the second part of that project – the vString X-Loons.

Designed to be literately part of the Balloon Girl avatar, but fully useable as stand alone implants, the X-Loons are by far the most extreme vStrings we have ever built.
With that classic, inflated sphere shape they are designed to defy gravity in their growth cycle. In fact these breasts will grow to extreme sizes without disappearing in to the floor (although there is a limit).
The breasts come with all the new vString Essential 4.5 upgrades and features, including the new Advanced Piercings, the upgraded Fat Smart nipples and a new option for Mega Nipples, and also come with Classic Evo style texturing or traditional vString texturing.
On top of these are the more special features, which include a skin throb mode, Blow up valve nipples, and a Balloon Tie off option too.

Sadly we are still working through some issues with the demo scripting, but for those who know our style and quality of product, you know what to expect.

They are in store now, at 1000L$ and more information and images below.