Monday, 28 September 2015

Fusion Pregnancy Special - Skinny In Store

I know its been a while since the last release - sadly RL stuff has been keeping me behind where I would have liked to be.

However things are now settling back down to normal again and the first off the production line is a new customer requested product.

The Fusion Pregnancy Special body was designed as a "I should do that" product more than something I was bouncing up and down about. However it seems that it has been extremely popular with customers getting rave reviews and it is one of Fusions best sellers.

I have had customers asking me however for alternative bodies, particularly a slimmer body, so who am I to argue. Fusion Pregnancy Skinny, is as you would expect based on the original Skinny body, and comes with the arms and legs from that. The Chest / Breasts come from the original Pregnancy body. The 7 Stage torso system with Bootleg options, is however all new.

Demos are available in store, and as with the other body, the price comes in at 2000L$

More stuff soon!