Wednesday, 8 July 2015

LTX Studio - Rubber Girl Skin Release

The third part of the Balloon Doll body release was a whole new generation of LTX skin designed for a softer more rubbery look.

Getting down to basics here - you have a skin that has been developed over the last 2 years to be elegant, seamless and quite beautiful and while it has been primarily designed to work on the Fusion Balloon Doll body, its also works on the standard avatar.
You get Super Implant Applier HUD for vString, Tangos, Icon and Ecorp, plus the ADV mesh appliers for Body and Face.
Make up wise, you get a bonus with these skins - they include all six primary make ups, and, they include a Blanker make up so you can add your own tattoo layers.
Coming in 10 beautiful colour tones, the packs also include lifetime updates as with all VS skins.
All for 1200L$
The Full colour range is below.