Friday, 10 February 2017

Fusion Ultima - Ruben Pregnancy Special Body

Pleasing everyone is not an easy thing to do. When I first released the Fusion Model Pregnancy body I did so as a test to see what the market was like for such a body. Needless to say I got a surprise but I had two groups of customers. Those who wanted something a little slimmer, and those wanting something a lot heavier. I satisfied the slimmer customers because there were more requests for that, however the whole heavier group kept slowly but surely asking for a heavier body.

The result is the Ruben Pregnancy body. First off I want to say this is based on Ruben, but it is different. The Pregnancy bodies are unique in their design so it was not possible to create a like for like body, however it is pretty close.
As you can see above, Ruben much like her original body is quite ample in her proportions, although in a beautiful way.
The body comes with seven monthly stages and all the usual Fusion Ultima benefits.

For those that already have Fusion, I have also released a Pick n Mix version of the Torso.

The body comes in complete at 2000L$, and the pick n mix is 1000L$