Thursday, 9 February 2017

VSX6 - Second Release

With this update, VSX6 is now fully launched with the female and final male cock making their V6 appearance.

As with the other products, the primary products are mesh with materials enhancements and for the female products, rather than a bulge, you get an Omega ready Camel toe, again texturable with ADV or Omega Appliers.

One product that has come in for more significant reworking is the Herm and as you can see the somewhat older design has now been fully rehashed in extremely high detail mesh giving a far more realistic look.

To sum up, in December 2009, Violet Studios launched VSX.
It is now 2017 and those products are now in their 8th year on the grid and has gone through 8 major version releases, each time bringing new levels of detail and quality to the product.
A customer who bought VSX back in 2009 is still today getting the latest versions of VSX for free.

Take you own conclusions from that.