Thursday, 8 February 2018

vString Revolutions Orbz Released and a Fusion Orbz update too

Following on from the Revolution Version 5 Release, I am very pleased to announce the first new set of vString Revolutions for some time.
Orbz will be familiar to many as they were originally designed for Fusion Ultima however I have had a lot of customers asking for stand alone versions and who am I to deny that request.

You get full fitted mesh with Clothing, Underwear and Skin layers all Omega Advanced and ADV ready. You also get Pasties and a Classic Tanktop you can use with older applier - a nod to the past in a way.

They come with Large, Fat and Mega nipples versions and include three models - Tight, Overfilled and Hyper. There is also the standard vString piercing system too.

They are in store at 1000L$ which includes the Orbz Fusion Versions....
Talking of which....

Yes, with this release it does mean I have also updated Fusion Ultima Orbz with the additional nipples. You just need to wear your updater to get them or visit in store and see the redelivery terminal.

I also realise that some customers may want to upgrade to the full Revolution version. If you do, drop me a notecard inworld and I will be happy to do those upgrades for you for 500L$.