Friday, 2 February 2018

Gym Bodies - Kelly Mesh Muscle Body Released

A Break for normal services here folks...
Fusion has its limits and when you are trying to make compatible mesh components there is always a limiting factor which is why I never really did a full on muscle mesh before.
Gym Bodies is the first of a series of Fitted Mesh bodies new to the Fusion Main store.
At its core it is based on the Fusion Ultima mesh structure and as a result, it uses the VSXR Genitalia, Hand (Inlcuding the Bento Fusion Hands) and Feet.
That though is where the cross overs end. Fusion Ultima Parts are NOT compatible with the body.

Beyond that though this is a whole new animal.
As you can see, I haven't pulled my punches here and this is a beautiful sensual and sexy muscle body. It comes with the specially designed StarLight Muscle Skin developed just for this body and there are 9 skin tones on offer. You get multiple special materials for the body too.
Full details on the body and it specifcations can be found in store next to the sales boards - I would recommend you have a read and try the demo before you buy.

It's 1500L$ and its in store now!

Here is some extra info...