Thursday, 15 February 2018

vString Xilu Breasts Version 5 Released

Continuing with the vString upgrades, I am very pleased to say that the Xilu Demoness breasts have been updated and I am sure those of you that own these will have a double take as they have jumped from version 3.5 to version 5.... I will explain that later though.

Xilu now comes in three flavours.
You still get the classic style vString models from 3.5 although they have been upgraded with all the standard scripting from the Essentials range giving you a raft of new features. This said I do have bad news. The Evo chest plate versions have been thrown in the bin.

The reason is you now have vString Revolution 5 versions of them included. That means you get get avatar Physics and appearance control.. not to mention fully inbuild ADV2 and Omega Advanced applier control for the skin and clothing layers. You still get the classic tank top though so you can still use older outfits.

Of course, this leaves us with the last element. No guesses for this is though.
It is full Fusion Ultima body integration so now you can go seamless!

These are 1200L$ if you havent bought them before, but if you have, simply wear the updater or visit in store and see the redelivery terminal. As always, updates are free.

Here is some more details...

They Mystery of what happened to Version 4....

A few years ago I was working through the Xilu's looking at what I needed to do with them. Development can be a slow process especially on scripted products, but we were getting on very well with them. The Revolution versions were done, the Essential features were integrated and I had the Fusion 1 modules built and ready to go when the scripting was done.
Then I had an idea... Something I called Fusion Ultima, a next generation body system which I started building. One thing led to another and in time I was looking at a huge project to rebuild the entire Fusion line.
One bad thing though, was the work I had done on the Xilu's was redundant when it came to Fusion, so the Xilu's gathered dust.
With the Revolutions Version 5's being released, I have to admit I felt like blowing the dust off these and working on them and the result is above.
So, the answer to the question is the Xilu 4 did exist, but were never released and with the current standard ongoing in the vString store, it seemed only right to skip ahead to version 5.

I hope you enjoy them!