Saturday, 12 April 2014

Wideloads Butt release now available - Polymorph Studio opens

This is a double posting really as for some time now, there have been whispers about the upcoming Polymorph Studio opening its doors.
And finally, its here - at the moment just the 4 products in there, but over the coming months, you should expect to see the store fill up quite significantly.

Which of course, brings to the Wideloads 

I wont rattle on about this outside of a quick tag line.

Physics Capable Fitted Mesh Lower body "butt" systems with a variety of sizes, plus all the advantages you get from fitted mesh.

Here is the pictures - and they are in the new Polymorph Store.


Thursday, 10 April 2014

vString X-Moo's (finally) Available / vString Main Store moved

Back in 2010, I was fiddling around with the very first prototype vStrings - this was nearly a year before vString even appeared as a brand, and Dande from Hanabi Worxx issues me with a fun building challenge.
Build a Cow.
Well, cutting that long story short, in a month she had her cow in her store... and mine did its usual with me and got way out of hand.

Fast forward near enough 4 years, and finally the vString X-Moo's are now available in store.

Demos are in store (more on that in a moment) and here is the marketing shot.

You get the Quad model (shown), and there is a Duo model too. Multiple Nipple designs, and lots of lovely little touches designed to keep most cows on SL happy.
In addition, you also get the Lower Udders too.

On to the next part - As vString slowly expands, its become clear, the original small store we had wasnt cutting it anymore, and with the Moo's arrival, officially, I had run out of space and with many new breasts and accessories due, I needed to move in to a larger store.
Dont worry too much - it isnt actually far from the original store - the other end of the mall - you cant miss it.