Saturday, 9 December 2017

Fusion Ultima - Supercurves Lower Body

Following a on from the Super Bimbo Torso, I was asked for a version that had a similar curvey style but wthout the extreme butt. Supercurves is the result

It's 500L$, you get two version - Regular and Hyper and they are in store now.


Thursday, 7 December 2017

Fusion Ultima - Superbimbo Lower Body

Following a customer request, I was asked to look at Bubblez once more with the idea for an even larger version. Ironically this was something I had considered and as a result, I am pleased to release the new extra large version of the Bubblez torso.

It's 500L$, you get two version - Regular and Hyper and they are in store now.


Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Fusion Ultima Hipz Body and Torso Released

I have been repeatedly asked for a far more bottom heavy Fusion body over the last few years, not necessarily on the butt side, but more the thighs. Hipz brings that with a beautifully lower heavy body.
It comes with Skinny upper to further accentuate the lower and has two different butt sizes so you can make your perfect choice.

As a Body, it is 1500L$ or you can buy the Torso separately in the Pick N Mix Department for just 500L$


Friday, 22 September 2017

vString X-FET 4.5 released

As promised earlier this week I am please to say the X-Fet 4.5 version is released.

Featuring all the improvements of the vString 4.5 scripting system these have been brought completely up to date.

There is far too many improvements to list however I can break it down to three.

* Evo Versions. As with the other breasts the X-Fets now have Evolution capabilities which means they will now work with Omega Appliers for the skin (not materials though)
* vString Materials now onboard which means you can add Shine and depth to them
* 4.5 Milk system and updated designer hud. More options open to customers there.

Customers who previously bought the X-Fet's simply wear the updater included with the breasts or go in store to get the latest version from the Redelivery terminal

Here is the other information fully broken down

Monday, 27 March 2017

VSXM Xeno Alien Cock Update

I have just been made aware of a serious problem with the VSXM Xeno Alien cock that appeared since the 1.5 update.
This problem turned out to be related to the update and some of the more unique scripting aspects on this model.
In short it has now been updated to Version 1.52 and thoroughly tested to ensure it works as expected.

If you have this model, you will need to update.

Friday, 10 February 2017

Fusion Ultima - Ruben Pregnancy Special Body

Pleasing everyone is not an easy thing to do. When I first released the Fusion Model Pregnancy body I did so as a test to see what the market was like for such a body. Needless to say I got a surprise but I had two groups of customers. Those who wanted something a little slimmer, and those wanting something a lot heavier. I satisfied the slimmer customers because there were more requests for that, however the whole heavier group kept slowly but surely asking for a heavier body.

The result is the Ruben Pregnancy body. First off I want to say this is based on Ruben, but it is different. The Pregnancy bodies are unique in their design so it was not possible to create a like for like body, however it is pretty close.
As you can see above, Ruben much like her original body is quite ample in her proportions, although in a beautiful way.
The body comes with seven monthly stages and all the usual Fusion Ultima benefits.

For those that already have Fusion, I have also released a Pick n Mix version of the Torso.

The body comes in complete at 2000L$, and the pick n mix is 1000L$


Thursday, 9 February 2017

VSX6 - Second Release

With this update, VSX6 is now fully launched with the female and final male cock making their V6 appearance.

As with the other products, the primary products are mesh with materials enhancements and for the female products, rather than a bulge, you get an Omega ready Camel toe, again texturable with ADV or Omega Appliers.

One product that has come in for more significant reworking is the Herm and as you can see the somewhat older design has now been fully rehashed in extremely high detail mesh giving a far more realistic look.

To sum up, in December 2009, Violet Studios launched VSX.
It is now 2017 and those products are now in their 8th year on the grid and has gone through 8 major version releases, each time bringing new levels of detail and quality to the product.
A customer who bought VSX back in 2009 is still today getting the latest versions of VSX for free.

Take you own conclusions from that.

Monday, 6 February 2017

VSX6 - First Part Released

In 2009 I released VSX on to the grid with great acclaim. VSX was under constant development until 2013 when I released VSX5, the final version of the products.
At this point VSX was to be replaced by the newer VSXM series of products, however I did keep VSX out there.
While I am always one for improving products, I must also consider that these products should remain true to their original design and format. With VSX5, I had produced what I considered at the time to be the ultimate VSX product line. However they remained sculpted items, rather than mesh.

As far as I was concerned, VSXM is a superior product, and at the time I thought sales of the original VSX product line would decline to such a point they would be no issue with removing them from my product line up.
I did get something of a surprise when they didn't decline in sales. In fact even now over three years later, VSX is still selling on a regular basis, on the market place and in store.

I have, in the back of my mind had a series of possible upgrades that could be done to the VSX Line as new technologies came about and steadily a list of reworks was drawn up to improve the product.
At the end of last year I started putting these redesign ideas in to development and now the first batch of products is ready.

In this initial release you have the original VSX Futa, Evolver Human, Canine, Equine, Demon and Feline. At first glance, it all looks pretty much the same but there is far more going on under the skin. I will run you through exactly what I have been up to.

Mesh upgrade. I said I wouldn’t do this, but I have relented. The new VSX6 cocks have been reworked in mesh.  All the primary pieces of the cock have been completely reworked and finessed to create something familiar but far superior to the original sculpted cocks. In addition using multi-face designs, the tattoo and cum layers are now all part of the same item, reducing the prim costs and giving a hugely superior near skin tight fitment.

Materials Enhancements. Part of the reason for doing the mesh move was so I could integrate on to the products Materials. No fancy huds or multiple choice options though. Just a simple realistic style skin normals map to give depth and a light reflective shine layer to give extra depth. That all said the results are really quite nice.

Omega Ready Bulge. One thing I have been asked for a lot is on the clothing bulge. Originally designed for generic textures, this updated version comes mapped to the SL avatars crotch. What this really means is rather than having to build custom textures or the likes to match a clothing outfit, the bulge will now accept SL Textures. The Adult HUD now also has Omega Advanced integration on it borrowed from my Fusion bodies line up. It will need to be activated, but once it is, you will be able to enjoy using proper matching textures. The Omega Installer costs 99L$ and if you already have it, just wear it and it will activate the hud. Sadly I have had to remove the options on the bulge though. You only get the one bulge now.

Overall I think customers will love the upgrades and the new level of detail VSX6 offers.
I will however once again say though I think this is going to be the last upgrade to VSX.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Fusion - Pregnancy Special Pick n Mix

This is something I just kept forgetting about. I had planned to release both of these years ago and someone just asked me about this, so what else could I do.

These are the Pregnancy special lower bodies. Because you get 7 lower bodies they are somewhat more expensive coming in at 1000L$ each.

I am still working on the first part of a major rerelease of a very old product line but news should be coming on that shortly.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Fusion - Juno Mesh Body

 Over the last few years one of the bodies that seems to be very popular with customers was Ruben. This is deliberately a more well fed shape, however many asked if I could do an even larger version of Ruben. While tricky, Juno is that new body.
All the marketing has the info you need on the technical side, but in short, you get the Gravity Breasts, Ruben Upper body and the Juno Lower body in both Regular and Max sizes.
I added two in because of the limited options this body has.

You can also pick up Juno is Pick n Mix format

Complete body is 1500L$, and the Pick n Mix lower body only is 500L$


Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Fusion - Bubblez Body Released

Many of you asked after the release of Datass if I could look at doing a larger version with thicker set thighs and a much larger butt.
This is the result - the Bubblez Body.

You get all the usual Fusion Ultima features you expect. The body comes with the Andro Upper body and lower you get two options. Regular or Hyper (see above pictures.)

The body is avaiable for 1500L$ and if you just want to add this to your existing Fusion set up, the Torsos are available as Pick n Mix for 500L$


Sunday, 15 January 2017

Fusion Ultima Datass Body Released

Following on the release just before Christmas, I have had a lot of customers asking me for a out of the box version of "Datass".

Who am I to disagree?
Datass comes with the unique Datass lower body (no corset or boot leg options I am afraid), and uses the Andro upper body.

Here are the full details