Monday, 28 May 2018

Fusion - Thighz Body Released

So, seems quite a few of you like the Hipz body, but as usual you wanted more.
As usual, ask and you will usually get as I introduce the Thighz body. This is a more extreme version of Hipz with far larger legs. You get two version - Regular and Larger.
Demos are available to try and the body is 1500L$

Already own Fusion and want the Pick N Mix Torso?

Yup - got that too!
Demos are available and it is 500L$

Here is some more info

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Fusion Complete Bodies for Super Curves, Super Bimbo and Super thick

I have to admit I have been surprised at how well these sell and for the first time, they have moved from being Pick N Mix only to actually being complete ready to use bodies.
To clarify this - These are still modular bodies that are building up as Torso Lower Body, Upper Body etc. Effectively you get a ready to use body that you can buy in one go rather than having to buy the separate pieces in pick n mix.

You get SuperCurves, SuperBimbo and SuperThick.
These really are at the limits of what mesh can do (without looking rubbish)
They are 1500L$ and in store now