Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Fusion Ultima - Datass Torso Released

There are some things that take quite a lot of work to get right, and this is one I have been working on for a long time.
The idea of a slim, bimbo style lower body has been something that has eluded me. I have got close, but never any cookies. I started designing Datass a long time ago. I have been coming back to it, redesigning it, trying to get that perfect blend of what seems to be the impossible.
Slim, with slim hip and yet curvey and beautifully proportioned. Sounds not that hard, but trust me, it is. usually what happens is they come out looking too large or bbw style, or even muscle body style.
Datass has been something of a labour of love for me, and I hope you like it.
Give me some feedback if you want to see this as a full Fusion Ultima Body.
Its 500L$ and its in store now.

Addendum. I will be going through the pick n mix legs tomorrow for Datass, so it can also be used with any of the Furry or Tartarus demon items. Expect and update on this tomrrow.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Fusion Ultima Valkyrie Body Released

I am very pleased to finally release the aptly name Valkyria Fusion Ultima body.

Featuring the core of Fusion Ultima's features, Valkyrie is a very large muscular body with thighs that just won't let go.
Due to this extreme physical size though it simply wasnt possible to refine the body down to accept corset or even boot legs.

She is in store now, either as pick n mix, or as a full body. Demos are available.

Monday, 18 July 2016

VSX / Fusion Genitalia Released

Part of the Fusion Ultima Project was always to create a body which was (as far as I know) the only anatomically correct mesh body on the grid.

The standard body comes with a rigged mesh static anatomy however as I have said throughout the marketing for Ultima, I was working on a functional version.

I am pleased to say that this is now completed.

Featuring a six stage pussy, and a three stage anus, you can now have a fully functional female anatomy.
In addition to this, you get VSXM texture control systems covering a massive line up of textures from human to fantasy, materials enhancements and a special Fusion Ultima Daily hud with additiona controls.

At 300L$ its not exactly a huge investment.


Monday, 29 February 2016

VSXM Futa "Rubber Ballz" now in store

Ask and you ususally find if I get in the right frame of mind, you shall get.
A friend came to me asking if I had any plans to do Fitted Mesh Physics enabled testicles.

This is the result - the Rubber Ballz.

You get 4 sizes in the pack - Natural to eye watering.
They are self conforming fitted mesh which means they will instantly adapt to your body, and thanks to physics, you also get swaying and jiggling motions. I have included some physics files to start you off with too.

These have been designed to "stand off" in front of your avatar - this is because unless you want to walk like a crab, that is where they would sit.

VSX5 and VSXM Designer HUDs are included so you have literately hundreds of textures to play with not to mention the range of VSX Designer hud features

Oh - so its clear though. The Marketing Shows a VSXM Fatboy Cock... this isnt included and is only shown for the "complete picture".
These will also work with virtually any cock too, not just VSX.

They are in Store now for 400L$