Thursday, 3 October 2013

VSXM – 9 New M Series Products in Store now

As a designer, its easy to get burnt out, and even harder to knuckle down and keep at something until its done, especially when the world of full of new ideas and distractions.
However after working on VSXM now for what seems to be an eternity, going through each and every idea, looking at the designs, sketching, working, and coming up with new innovations, I am pleased to say the last part of the third phase is now completed.

To say that I have left the best until last may not be totally accurate, but to say these are probably some of the most innovative and complex M series products would certainly be true.

First on my List is a product missing from the M Series – the Anus.

This is a very basic, if highly refined item, designed purely for Aesthetical purposes. It has 4 basic states, and one does push my boundaries a little with a Prolapse rosebud.
Functionality wise though, outside of that it doesn’t do much and please don’t ask for me to do more as I wont.

Second on the list is one that I keep getting nagged for a lot – the Double Futa.
I think the picture says it all

Third on the list is another “wishlist” product and slight unusual for VSX – a Sissy cock.

Now... we get in to the more creative sides here with 3 double product batches.

One thing over the years thats cropped up again and again is the overwhelming requests for a Cyber line in VSX. As I have said, this is no easy task. Creating something artificial in nature that doesn’t look like robodick is a trick few can pull off. In fact, although I am not fully up to date on whats out there, I have never seen a decent one.
The Biomech Cock and Pussy, are a highly innovative cross over style with my Violet Cybernetics store, with beautiful and unique twin texture packs giving high quality cyber textures, the products really look the part and are extremely organic, while being artificial in nature.

The Doll Scene in SL is obviously large, however one thing I have noticed again and again, is the fact that when it comes to Doll adult products, there isn’t really that much innovation out there.
Strap on and prim jobs seem to be the order of the day although I had addressed this somewhat with the LTX Texture packs in VSX.
When I sat down to look at this in more detail, I found myself with a huge list of innovations and ideas popping up.
The Dildomorph cock is a living rubber dildo with full range of VSXM motion, and is a multi state design, meaning you get a staggering 48 states to play with. On the flip side, the Doll Pussy is a quite simple and yet innovative product that is also multi state, so has 14 different arousal states.
Adding to that is a whole new Soft Rubber texture pack with 9 different colours on offer.

Rounding out was a product pair that I have struggled with some what. In fact its been a slow process of evolution over nearly year to get these products looking and feeling right.
Its very easy to work within the realms of reality, however when you don’t know something, its harder, and you cant get much further away from reality than the realms of Aliens.
The Xeno Cock and pussy are both family and very strange. I was constrained by the fact that these have to have a practical application but all the feedback I have had so far has been encouraging.

And that, as they say, is that.
VSXM has been a very long journey, and its been a pleasure to let my creative juices loose in such torrents, but my project list is now completed.
With a staggering 39 M Series products now in store, its not a stretch of the imagination to say that VSX is Second Life’s largest Adult anatomy manufacturer.
However, being the biggest isn’t everything. Its about how complete the products are, and I have to say I am seriously proud of this product line – with fantastic functionality, excellent detailed design, massively comprehensive texture packs, huge configuration capability, and a script foot print that’s positively tiny, VSXM has really set out to be everything that it can be.

I will say, I do have some more ideas in the wings but its fair to say, we are probably going to one or two products a month now at max.

All the new stuffs in store, and all I can say is, enjoy.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

VSXM - Demon Cocktail in store

This is pretty much what it says on the box - the VSMX Cocktail is now available.

It comes with all sorts of neat little features, although it does loose a bit due to the design - it doesnt have a cum layer, condom, clipped layer and a few other bits, but what you do get is a very unusual ... well, tail.

Here is the marketing!

There is however a back story to this product as it isnt actually a new one.
Back in 2010, the first version of the Demon Cocktail was actually built up on my workbench in sculpted format.
It was nearly ready for release when LL's started tightening up their scripting limits on SL.
Right there lay the problem. In the sculpted format it was almost 140 prims, and when you translated that to scripts it was far too heavy.
So... it sat in inventory, gathering dust.
Thanks to mesh and the M Series design techniques though, the dust was blown off, and it was reworked in efficient mesh designs. The Tail bones are 1 piece constructions so only adding three objects (as opposed to 50 or more).
Humm... guess the story wasnt that long really...

Saturday, 14 September 2013

VSXM - Slitter Special Edition Series Cocks

Phase 3 development of VSX has been ongoing for a while now and a product line I have been wanting to build for some time now has finally found its way in store. The slightly disturbing "Slitter Series".

The pictures will tell the story here as I have had customers asking me for these, but needless to say I have kind of broken the rule book with these, as between the various states they have 49 or more States.

Pushing the VSX Series to this limit did requires some rethinking compared to the more main stream VSX Essentials lines, so sadly a number of features ended up culled from the Slitter including the Head Piercing, the Clipped State and the Cum Layer.

However, take a look... they are in store now for those who like their darkness.

On a final kind of p.s. the slitters although a sub project are part of Phase III VSXM which is focusing on the less conventional elements so expect some more darkness to appear over the coming few weeks.


vString XL XXL 3.5 Update - Evos have arrived.

Customer have begged us to do this, and now we have released them.
These are now available as part of the XL and XXL breast packs but please read this before running to the store...

vString have always been at the forefront of innovation in implants, be it design or scripting. During the vString 3 project, we had been pushing the boundaries with our new Evo line of breasts, however we knew there were some limits that would go a little too far which is why on the release we actually didn’t push through our XL or XXL Evo models for two reasons.

The First was the Quality of the outputted texture maps was really pushing what the actual textures themselves could do, and I personally was not happy with how things were looking.
The Second was the general philosophy of each model. The X_X will always be a fashion breast not related to the role playing side, where as the XL and XXL needed that flexibility to allow role play.

I did know what would come next, and it wasn’t that much of a suprise when it did.
“Can you do the XL or XXL in the Evo format?”

Well, you, as the customers asked and so, the 3.5 models of the XL and XXL are out and the changes are, they have Evo models but there are things you need to be aware of.

This bits quite important though so please read.
If you are thinking of buying the XL or XXL purely on the basis that they have Evo models, DON’T.

I will try to keep this part a simple as I can as the whole issue gets very technical.
If you fancy the more technical explanation, go to my Hemi's soapbox blog (its on the right).
The SL upper body texture is perfect for the application it was developed for – namely the SL avatar. Designers on SL have been taking advantage of the upper body though and forcing it to do interesting things such as what we did with the Evo X_X. However, even with the X_X we were pushing what we could do with the texture.

The XL Evos have pushed the texture even further and the result is, as you would expect, the textures have started to protest. There are surface issues with them distorting the texture. The XXL Evos have sadly taken that a whole step further and while the XL you can accept and dismiss the texture issues, the XXL are a little harder to dismiss.
This is to the degree that when it came to the XXL Super Evo’s, they simply didn’t work and as a result, I had to discontinue that design idea (hence why there are only 2 Evos for the XXL)

At vString, we are very proud of the quality we give our customers and I am never happy about releasing something that doesn’t live up to my own personal high expectations. I know customers though have begged us to do this, and after 3 months of testing and developing we have pushed what we can do to its limit.
Working with the SL upper body texture, the XL and XXL Evos are as good as I can make them, however they are not perfect and it is true that they could never be perfect.

If you buy the XL / XXL, buy them for the much higher quality original models, however if you do want to use the Optional Evo models, then they are there for you.

Friday, 16 August 2013

VSXM Phase 2 Release (with added surprises)

It nearly been three weeks now since VSXM arrived on the grid, and even I have to say outside of a few unexpected and strange minor bugs, M really has lived up to all expectactions.

The Phase 1 release, as I said before was designed to bring the VSX Studio fully up to date offering a massively upgraded experience for all the original products, plus a few new ones to keep people happy.

With 14 M Series products in store, we went beyond the brief of the original VSX, but as I did hint to at the time, this was just the beginning of VSXM... and more products were penciled in for launch.

Since I opened VSX back in 2009, the greatest frustration I have had was the fact I had great ideas but my hands were tied behind my back. The constraints of scripting, and of sculpted prims meant that I could never realise many of the creative visions I had. In order to do them, I would need more sculpts, and adding more sculpts would have increased the scripting costs to silly proportions, slowed the products down and generally made a mess of things.
VSXM has solved all of these issues though, and the numerous ideas, and even in world products I had already sitting there, could now become a reality.

Phase 2 of VSXM is now, partly, in store. And this time I have flexed my creative muscles somewhat with some gorgeous and quite different variations on a theme. However, I have decided to stagger the phase 2 build in order to get the products in store faster so this phase is not yet over.
In store you will find 11 of the planned 16 products.

So, lets get down to business...

This first one will come as a surprise really as its something I have resisted doing for a long time.
Yes, its a free cock. And what a freebie it is. All mesh construction, 3 basic textures styles, 2 states.
Better still, sim owners will love you for it. It has just 2 scripts and a total memory use of 29KB.
Its very basic, but is rather cool too. If you want to grab a copy, its on the upper level window area in the VSX Store.

Now thats out of the way.... lets take a look at the rest of this... I wont annote but let the images do the work for me...

These are all in the VSX Store now, and they will shortly be hitting the market place as well.

It is worth mentioning again this is only a part release of Phase 2 - there are another 5 products due to be released, and rather than doing them in bulk like I have so far, I will be releasing them as and when they are ready.
So... by the end of Phase 2, VSXM will have 30 products in store.....
*whistles quietly*... then I have to move on to the final part... Phase 3

Sunday, 21 July 2013

VSXM Arrives in store (Little Title, Big News)

It may be a short title but this is a massive and very significant release a Violet Studios.

Back in 2009, I released my adult anatomy line on to Second Life - Violet Studio Xtreme - or VSX and since then its been the focus of constant development with VSX5 arriving yesterday..... but.

When I first developed VSX, Second Life was a very different place, and over the years new techniques and technologies have arrived on SL to not only improve the look and design of products, but also how they work.
During the development of VSX3 I really got frustrated with the limitations that the original system offered - simply put lots of ideas, but nothing I could do to build them - thanks to design limitations and Linden Labs script limiting, SL was growing more and more unfriendly. In fact there were 4 VSX product that got as far as finished products... but were canned due to the fact they were too script intensive.
However, during my mesh investigations, I started to realise the potential for mesh in adult products and at that point the VSX Mesh project arrived... and really, this was to turn in to one of epic Violet Studios projects that would beat them all, with a total development time lasting near enough 18 months.

VSXM was worth the wait as it is pretty incredible really - it packs in high details multi face mesh construction (low object cost), with a radically updated texture system for ultra realistic looks, mixed in with a fliuid smooth state arousal system (17 state total on the cock, and 7 on the pussys), with 99% of the features you got on the original VSX, plus a few more, and to top it off, even considering the massive features list, it still manages to trump VSX5 on script costs - just 12 script & 340KB memory at the most - less on the female products. That is, by the way, the HUD and cock... combined...

I think those facts speak for themselves and this is just summing up VSXM in the lightest of way - in store you can find a much more comprehensive break down of the dizzying features list.

I could rattle on about this for hours but I try to resist it - all I can say is pop over to the VSX Main store, take a look and see what you think.

Now... big question... how many products are in VSXM's Phase 1 release... yes, there is a Phase 2 and Phase 3 release coming and I have some surprises pending...

Well... here is the break down in picture format...

Expect a some more VSXM releases over the coming few weeks as Phase 2 gets underway

First... I think a little bit of break for me... VSXM is in store now


Saturday, 20 July 2013

VSX Version 5.0 Release / VSXM is coming....

All the way back in the closing days of 2009, I dropped a slightly mad idea out on to my sims. Since then customers who have bought a VSX product have had the pleasure of updates almost every six months on their VSX products.

VSX Version 5.0 is the culmination of over three and a half years work. Constant development, tweeking, reworking, and improving and now, its fair to say VSX as a product has reached its limit of development... but more on that in a while.

Whats new in VSX5?
VSX5 at first glace look effectively the same as VSX4 - there have been no external improvements on this model, however on the inside ... thats a different story.

One thing that has always bothered me was the sheer volume of stuff that was in the VSX Box - colour huds, textures huds, piercing huds, multiple control HUDs... it was a hudfest!
On VSX5, that all changes - There is now a Designer HUD, and a Control HUD... thats it.
Generally speak, VSX5 is far less confusing

Oh... and that new designer HUD isnt the old style one when it comes to colour. Using custom built elements specifically designed on vString, VSX5 uses the "Unlimited 3" colour system with new options such as metal and bone textures!

You have asked, and asked... and finally we have sorted it - testicle resize.
Under the Main resizer menu, there is now a sub menu for testicles.

This seems like a fairly straight forward if minor update... but not got to the good part yet.


Those familiar with VSX4 may have read my rantings over the "Lagless Project" - our ultra low scripting cost model that ultimately proved to be too much for us to work through and ended up being shelved.
The major part of VSX5, is the Lagless project is complete.
VSX4 - taking a Futa as an example, used 69 operational scripts to make the product work.
VSX5 - again using a Futa, has just 5 scripts... no... not a misprint - Five.

In fact all VSX5 cocks now use 14 scripts total for both the HUD and the cock with a memory use for both of under 340KB!
This is effectively one of the lowest cost products available on the market today - good news for you as well.
Many sim owners are putting massive constraints on the volumes of scripts that can be worn, so VSX5 means you can now wear your product when and where you like and not fall foul of sim owners!

Well, it is true you know. They do come to an end.
As I said above, VSX has reached its limit for both design and features.
When I original started the VSX project, one of the key mantra's I had was Free Lifetime updates - something which even now, people have enjoyed.
However, if you take a VSX1 Futa, and a VSX5 Futa, and strip away everything, what you will be left with is the same product - virtually nothing has changed except for the features and extra pieces.

Today, VSX has gone really as far as it can go, there is new technologies, and new design technique out now that have revolutionised how we do things on Second Life, and VSX is three and a half years old... in SL terms thats almost anicent!

Those of you who just got the update, will have got the little sneak peak at our monster 18 month project which is now finally ready to be unleashed - VSXM.
Expect more on this tomorrow, but I will give you a little tease peak...

Perhaps you can understand why I have been sooo quite over the last few months...
VSXM will launch with 14 new products and a vast amount more on the way...


Tuesday, 23 April 2013

vString 3.0 Released (updated)

*** Update...***

As always things this complicated never go smooth first try, and after the primary release, a few rather bizarre issues turned up in the scripting that were rather unexpected and out of the blue.
I would go geek on this, but I wont - needless to say it they needed fixing, and they have been fixed.
If you got the version 3.0 Release, I would recommend you update them to the latest Version 3.01 release.


*** Update 2... ***
Okay, it has been a week of unexpected bugs and feedback from customers.
There has been some bug fixing going on with specific models.
Xilu and X-Fet are pretty stable and havent been updated since the last note.
XL and XXL did get an update midweek to fix some unexpected issues and are now on 3.02
X_X has now not only had bug fixes, but the Evo models have come in for some more heavy upgrades including a new bra layer and more - current version which has just been released is 3.03.

Could Developers please note - we did find a few utterly strange issues in the basic clothing applier, and as the Evo has now had its bra layer added, we had to add  the applier in for that. This new Dev kit is the current model so please update any of the models when you are ready as the Dev pack is in all model boxes.

At this time, I believe we now have the Version 3 release stable and fingers crossed this will be the last update

The title is rather a classic understatement, but needless to say the new vStrings are something else.

I think rather than rattle on though... I will give you the in store information on vString 3...

An Adult Blog for Violet Studios?

After thinking about this a fair bit, and considering that there is both VSX and vString as major parts of the Violet Studios collection, I decided that to keep you up to date with the latest stuff coming from our naughty departments, I would create this blog....
but why?
On the main blog, I use it in world on our "media on a stick" things however if your blog is adult, then you get the disclaimer screen... dont exactly want the disclaimer sitting in world do I?
So, that blog is kept PG and nothing naughty on it. Any mention of vString etc, is limited to basic details.

However I do want to keep you upto date with the latest stuff going on, so, this sub blog is designed to do that.