Sunday, 21 July 2013

VSXM Arrives in store (Little Title, Big News)

It may be a short title but this is a massive and very significant release a Violet Studios.

Back in 2009, I released my adult anatomy line on to Second Life - Violet Studio Xtreme - or VSX and since then its been the focus of constant development with VSX5 arriving yesterday..... but.

When I first developed VSX, Second Life was a very different place, and over the years new techniques and technologies have arrived on SL to not only improve the look and design of products, but also how they work.
During the development of VSX3 I really got frustrated with the limitations that the original system offered - simply put lots of ideas, but nothing I could do to build them - thanks to design limitations and Linden Labs script limiting, SL was growing more and more unfriendly. In fact there were 4 VSX product that got as far as finished products... but were canned due to the fact they were too script intensive.
However, during my mesh investigations, I started to realise the potential for mesh in adult products and at that point the VSX Mesh project arrived... and really, this was to turn in to one of epic Violet Studios projects that would beat them all, with a total development time lasting near enough 18 months.

VSXM was worth the wait as it is pretty incredible really - it packs in high details multi face mesh construction (low object cost), with a radically updated texture system for ultra realistic looks, mixed in with a fliuid smooth state arousal system (17 state total on the cock, and 7 on the pussys), with 99% of the features you got on the original VSX, plus a few more, and to top it off, even considering the massive features list, it still manages to trump VSX5 on script costs - just 12 script & 340KB memory at the most - less on the female products. That is, by the way, the HUD and cock... combined...

I think those facts speak for themselves and this is just summing up VSXM in the lightest of way - in store you can find a much more comprehensive break down of the dizzying features list.

I could rattle on about this for hours but I try to resist it - all I can say is pop over to the VSX Main store, take a look and see what you think.

Now... big question... how many products are in VSXM's Phase 1 release... yes, there is a Phase 2 and Phase 3 release coming and I have some surprises pending...

Well... here is the break down in picture format...

Expect a some more VSXM releases over the coming few weeks as Phase 2 gets underway

First... I think a little bit of break for me... VSXM is in store now