Saturday, 17 March 2018

Fusion Ultima - Cute Special Small Body

So... errr... What so special about this?

Second Life has a lovely thing you can use to adjust your shape with sliders. It also has a huge issue in that if you want a realistic sized avatar rather than something that looks like it came out of Land of the Amazons, then you are pretty much stuffed.
Second Life's avatar base below 5.5 feet is a mess. You end up looking like a hobbit and not in a good way.
That is where the new Cute Special Body comes in.
This has been designed for small avatars. The photo above is trake on a 5.5 feet tall avatar. As you can see it has hips, curves and is well proportioned.
That is why this is a special body. You could in theory use it for a taller avatar if you wish but its designed for small ones.

So, if you like to be realistically sized, then why not try the cute demo out.

Now, technically the Cute body is a combo of the Cute Torsos (small or big butts) and the Skinny upper body. I do sell cute as a stand alone Pick n Mix Torso too... that's 500L$

Anyhow, enough of that...
Here are the details of Cute... and it really is.